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    What is corporate culture?

    Successful companies have a strong corporate culture. Corporate culture refers not only to the strategy, organization, and system of a company, but also to the belief value and behavior patterns of its members.

    Corporate culture is the norm and customary way for companies to do things.


    Through the cultural analysis of Reyo the corporate culture is defined as three levels:

    ◎ Philosophy of corporate culture , vision, mission, core values, etc.

    ◎ Institutional level corporate culture - service concept, business policy, high performance, rules and regulations.

    ◎ Behavioral corporate culture - corporate image, slogan, etiquette, ritual and other externalization activities.


    Corporate culture determines the behavioral habits of employees.

    Reyo’s corporate culture will be built in such a way that it is based on the company’s vision ? with a clear goal to form a healthy, progressive and unified cultural system;



    Based on the mission of the company  a clear mission to create a business rather than a business; more importantly, it is based on the core values of the company, the core values ​​play a major role in the judgment of people’s values, and its motivation and behavior The results have a huge impact and are value-oriented that is recognized by all employees.


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