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    Single side labeling machine RY-810
       Product introduction £º

    Product features:

    ¡ôThis model is suitable for round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, ovals, conical bottles, shaped bottles, to achieve single-sided side labeling, increase the marking mechanism to complete the square bottle two-sided corners, three-sided corners and four-sided full-circle labeling. The addition of the round bottle mechanism can complete the symmetrical before and after the round bottle, the whole week and the fixed point positioning labeling, and the high-speed filling line connection production, improve production efficiency, save costs, and can also be specially designed according to customer requirements.

    ¡ôChinese and English operating system, using German Siemens PLC and servo motor closed-loop control to ensure high-speed stable labeling operation is easy to learn.

    ¡ôThe pressure bottle mechanism adopts double pole support to stabilize together. The arm chain drive is different from the traditional gear transmission. The transmission resistance is small, the synchronization with the conveyor chain is improved, and the service life is prolonged. The separate 9-section pressure strip products are in different stations. It can be evenly stressed, which is more conducive to heat dissipation.

    ¡ôThe two-dimensional space adjustment of the plastic belt has a large adjustable range, and adopts polymer materials. The special design ensures accurate positioning of the attached objects to ensure the accuracy of labeling.

    ¡ôUsing 750W high power, high torque, ultra-small inertia servo motor to send the standard, the delivery speed can reach 60m/min

    ¡ôFeeder: It adopts three column structure, 8-dimensional space adjustment, three-stage tension spring clutch control, and smooth operation to achieve accurate delivery.


    Technical parameter

    Power supply: 380V  50HZ  2KW

    Label feeding speed: 60m/min

    Label roll outer diameter: ¦µ350mm

    Label roll inner diameter: ¦µ76.2mm

    Label max width: 205mm

    Label min width: 15mm

    Bottle/can diameter:20-120mm

    Label accuracy:¡À1mm(Related to the shape of the sticker)

    Air source:5KG

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