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      Linear Type Self Adhesive Labeling Machine
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      OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine
      Full Automatic Sleeves Labeling machine
    6000-12000BPH linear type hot helt labeling machine HLML4
       Product introduction £º

    The automatic control uses the overall control of the PLC to comprehensively control the servo system, the variable frequency system constant temperature system, the tension system, and other points that need to be controlled. (The servo system uses a fully imported Schneider servo system). Do not send the bottle without the standard, no standard or no glue. When the bottle is intermittently entered into the machine, the dial can be smoothly switched between the delivery and non-feeding, and the cutter accuracy is normal.

    ¡ô Main motor, delivery motor and glue motor are controlled by inverter (all imported Schneider brand).

    ¡ô Special constant tension detection and feedback control system and correcting and guiding system ensure high labeling quality for common film materials.

    ¡ô The transmission system adopts internal transmission, the transmission is stable, and the adjustment is convenient.

    ¡ô Screw feeding mechanism is equipped with overload protection system.

    ¡ô The screw, the bottle dial and the bottle guard plate are all made of wear-resistant nylon material, and the bottle has almost no wear.

    ¡ô The accuracy of the gear in the transmission system is 7 levels, which ensures the accuracy and reliability of the transmission.

    ¡ô The man-machine interface can display the actual status of the machine, the output, the hot melt temperature, the glue temperature and other information at a glance, which is convenient for users to troubleshoot and the operation interface is friendly. It can be started manually or joged during debugging or changing the standard, which is convenient to operate.

    ¡ô The shield frame is made of stainless steel and plexi glass. The stainless steel is processed by the wire drawing process and has a beautiful appearance.


    ¡ô Equipment model: HLML4 linear hot melt adhesive labeling machine

    ¡ô  Mechanical size: L=3730 mm x W= 1314mm x H=1800mm

    ¡ô  Rated output: 12,000 bottles / hour

    ¡ô  Machine power: 13.5KW

    ¡ô Machine weight: about 2200Kg

    ¡ô Applicable objects: round objects such as PET bottles, cans and various non-fragile round pieces with a diameter of 40 to 100

    ¡ô Adhesive method: hot melt adhesive coated rubber

    ¡ô Label size: Max L = 330mm x W = 120 m

    ¡ô Other information:

    ¡ô This equipment must be operated under the following indoor environmental condition

    ¡ô Temperature: -10 ¡ã C to +40 ¡ã C

    ¡ô Humidity: water and gas content between 30% and 80%

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