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  • Welcome to visit Guangzhou Reyo Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.!
      Linear Type Self Adhesive Labeling Machine
      Rotary Type Self Adhesive Labeling Machine
      OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine
      Full Automatic Sleeves Labeling machine
    9000BPH Automatic rotary OPP membrane for hot melt adhesive labeling machine RYRH-809
       Product introduction £º

    This model is a fully automatic pre-cut hot melt adhesive spray labeling machine, suitable for mineral water, beverages, condiments, alcohol, daily chemical and other industries. The machine has the advantages of less glue consumption, low label loss rate, large labeling length and high labeling accuracy.

    Power supply: AC380V 50/60Hz 8000W

    Labeling station: 9 stations (temporary station according to the product picture provided by the customer)

    Speed adjustment method: stepless speed change  Bottle diameter: 30-110mm,round oval container.

    Bottle height: 80-300mm

    Maximum height of the label: 210mm

     Label core size:Inner diameter:152.4mm

     outer diameter: 550mm

    Colloid type: Special hot melt adhesive, sizing at both ends of the label 

    Melt temperture:120-160¡ã C

    Type of stickers: Plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc., which are round, square, flat, oval bottles (refer to the shape of the labeling position, and the shape of the labeling position should be the same)

    Label type: OPP film, pearl film, paper-plastic composite film, paper label

    Label thickness: Must be greater than 0.035mm

    Air source requirements: 3-5Kg 30L/min 

    Machine size:L3000¡ÁW2600¡ÁH2100mm

    Machine weight: about 3000kg

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