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  • Welcome to visit Guangzhou Reyo Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.!
      Linear Type Self Adhesive Labeling Machine
      Rotary Type Self Adhesive Labeling Machine
      OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine
      Full Automatic Sleeves Labeling machine
    4000BPH Big drum rotary labeling machine£¨Full Servo with Camera Orientation)£©
       Product introduction £º

    4000BPH Big drum rotary labeling machine£¨Full Servo with Camera Orientation)

    ¡ô this machine is suitable for round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, conical bottles and special-shaped bottles. It can realize single label, double-sided, all-round labeling and positioning labeling

    ¡ô Human Machine Interface system in Chinese and English is easy to operate. During adjustment, it only needs to set the production capacity on the man-machine interface, and the speed parameters such as conveying, screw and bottle inlet and outlet star wheel change at the same time, without separate adjustment of each part

    ¡ô dual Human Machine Interface system: the main and auxiliary touch screens are controlled in linkage, and the auxiliary touch screen is designed in a movable way to reduce the walking back and forth of personnel during machine adjustment, so as to facilitate machine adjustment and save machine adjustment time

    ¡ô ABB high-power, high torque and ultra-small inertia servo system is adopted, and the standard sending speed can reach 80m / min

    ¡ô high speed label feeder: it is composed of three servo motors, one frequency conversion motor, two cylinder clutch and mechanical parts

    1. The independent servo motor cooperates with the pre delivery hopper for pre delivery

    2. The new tension control of the swing rod of the double cylinder clutch makes the tension stable and the operation stable during high-speed standard delivery. It cooperates with the main standard delivery servo motor to improve the labeling accuracy, and the maximum standard delivery speed can reach 80000 sheets / hour

    3. The 4 standard plates in the double standard station are automatically switched to use, so as to realize the function of changing standards without stopping

    4. Independent bottom paper recycling mechanism: the independent servo motor and three-phase asynchronous motor cooperate to collect the bottom paper, which can accommodate 12 rolls of label bottom paper at one time. After 12 rolls of labels are used up, the bottom paper only needs to be cleaned once, so as to reduce the downtime of cleaning the bottom paper and improve the production efficiency

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